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PowerSheets Prep Work Part 3: Goal Action Plans and Finalising 2023

I’m currently loving the Power Sheets prep work. The action plans have been amazing and I thought I’d share them in this blog post. We’re diving into Part 3: Goal Action Plans and Finalising 2023.

The right side is very much blank and there are no real guidelines, but you’re kinda free to use it however you want, or use the complimentary Wild Cards available online when you purchase the PowerSheets.

I was inspired by LindseyScribbles and used the right side for a PassionPlanner Road Map which you can grab for free via Passion Planner. I found this super useful. This breaks down the goal into the smallest steps and sets guidelines. These were then easily transferred to my tending list and my bullet journal.

And that’s pretty much it! I set 6 goals this year. I have one health related goal, one about planting and sowing more edible plants, make more Viking garments and then three writing related ones.

  1. Finish and start querying Visions of Ravens

  2. Finish the first draft of Project Codex.

  3. Keep up with my ‘author platform’ which means socials, the blog, my newsletter and The Writing Viking podcast.

I’m super excited to say the least and I hope to show you my January tending list soon, even if it’ll be a little late.

You can read about the Power Sheets prep work in Part 1 and Part 2.

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