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May Goals

How are we feeling about this month?

  • motivated and inspired

What are 3 things I could do to move me further to my goal?

  1. make revision edits act three of Visions of Ravens

  2. confirm gamma readers for Visions of Ravens and set deadline

  3. release episode 6 of The Writing Vikings

Any potential obstacles/problems?

  • I’ve discovered that I might be a bit of a mood editor and am not always in the mood to edit a particular chapter and it takes me about forty minutes to get into it.

Any potential external obstacles?

  • anything outside the goal, in my life that may be in the way?

    • I have no idea what this upcoming module will be like at school, it might be super demanding (let’s hope not)

    • loads of spring events this time of year that I’ve promised to attend, birthdays etc

    • I’m also distracted by a new story idea that is almost fully formed and I want to write it now

What am I looking forward to?

  • A.Y. Chao’s release party for Shanghai Immortal

  • there’s a role playing evening planned at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm

  • birthdays!

  • We have a bank holiday and I’m hoping to go out to the country side to get some fresh air

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