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PowerSheets Prep Work Part 2: Dreaming Big and Deciding on Goals

A few days ago I posted about my PowerSheets Prep Work. Here is Part 2: Dreaming Big and Deciding on Goals. Let’s get down to business!

Remember those categories in the Cultivated Life Evaluation I mentioned in Part 1? Now we’re jotting down the Big Picture Vision for each of those categories. As in, what we want by the end of out lives, or our dreams in these fields of life. Then we fill in Living It Out This Year for each of the categories where we try to pin down how to we can live our Big Picture Vision in 2023 with the means we have right now. I loved this!

Then, we Make Decisions, and this is a tough one. We jot down What I’m Saying Yes To and What I’m Saying No To, because every time you say yes to something you say no to something else.

Now, the next spread makes you Simplify Your Year in terms of what kind of goals you’re going to set: Habits, Finish Lines and Big Dreams. This was just a blank page, but LindseyScribbles shared how she used this page in one of her YouTube videos, by incorporating a table that was available in the previous PowerSheets (2022) which I’ve shared a picture of below.

Next, we Make a Rough Draft. Didn’t really know how to go about this because I felt like I did this on the previous page, but I jotted down some notes anyways of what I wanted to do for my goals.

Then you Pace Yourself for Success and spread out your goal starts over the months of the year. I added in dates that I know won’t change. Like NaNoWriMo is in November, I’m going to Prague in January for Project Codex research. I’m on holiday in August and I get my beta feedback in mid-January. These things are set in stone and then I brainstormed how I could pace my goals around these events.

And then we’ve reached the Goal Action Plans, which I will share with you in Part 3: Goal Action Plans and Finalising 2023

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