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April reflection


Wow, what a month. I’ve had so much fun and found like I’ve really found back to my creative spirit (does that make sense?). I’ve gotten my creative energy back. I feel like I’ve made more progress on Visions of Ravens than I have all year, read more books and been happier. I have:

  • Started revision edits on Visions of Ravens (draft 8)

  • connected with news authors on Instagram

  • read five books

  • written more blog posts than ever before

  • been on holiday

What went well?

  1. I got going with my revision edit’s finally. This is a mental hurdle every time I sit down because it means admitting to myself that draft 7 wasn’t good enough. But I’m doing it and I’m starting to enjoy the process more and more.

  2. I handled my studies well this month without becoming overwhelmed, which means I get more writing related stuff done.

What did not go as planned?

  1. I’ve not gotten as much done on my viking dress as I would have wanted. It really needs to be done by mid-May so I’m actually pressed for time now.

  2. I’ve not planned a newsletter. I’ve thought about writing a seasonal newsletter, since a monthly one is too much. I’m hoping to get a Spring letter out during May.

How are we feeling about next month?

  • I’m super excited and motivated. It’s the last month of term and I just want to get going with this module so I can leave this term behind and write during the summer.

  • I’m cheered up by sun and the lovely weather is allowing

  • I’m not super motivated to start working on Project: Codex. I’m not planning on starting that up again until maybe July or August and it’s not that I’m unmotivated to work on it. But it’s that I’m so motivated by other potential stories.

What am I going to do differently next month?

  • Time management. Technically it’s not trying to do anything differently, but to maintain what I did this month. Not take uni work all that seriously. Get up early, and get as much studying done as possible before my writing zoom at 8am. After 10am I’ll attend classes and study if needed, but I need to stop studying by 3pm. After 3pm I’m only allowed to gym or keep writing or reading or crafting.

  • But it also means I need to be more focused during VBTC (writing zoom). I cannot start writing blog posts or engage on Instagram during this time. And I can definitely not check my email or check on uni stuff during this time. I need to work on my writing. This time is holy.

Sum up

I’m looking forward to May. I’m going to do a Fred inspired by Ninja Writers. I’ll talk about it in my May goals post and might even do a separate post on it, who knows? I’m looking forwards to working out outside and reading more. I want to get these revision edits further along, if not finished. I feel like a good time is coming!

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