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I recommend: muchelleb


Michelle (aka MuchelleB on YouTube) is a content creator who vlogs about self improvement, personal development and goal setting. She’s even made a goal setting planner called the Life Map Collective (which I have not tried yet). It is not a writing related recommendation, but goal setting and life style related.

Why I like them:

I first found her when I looked for a concrete guide to setting goals and found her 30 min long video on the subject on her channel. She so wholesome and kind, but gives concrete advice backed up by studies and books and her personal experience. It makes it actionable and fun to make improvements to your life.

How I use/apply them:

Her videos are usually not very long so they’re bite size videos of motivation and information that you can watch over lunch or as a quick break. I took a lot of information from the video How to Design Your Goals ☀️ My 8 Step Goal Setting System which I found super useful and keep recommending to people.

Who I recommend it for:

Anyone who wants a starting point for goal setting: who’s serious about goal setting but doesn’t want to spend loads of money on a goal setting planner straight away. Anyone who wants a bit of motivation and inspiration on how to be productive and form good habits.

Where you can find them:

You can find MuchelleB on YouTube or on her website. She’s also on Instagram. That’s where I follow her! She also has a website for the Life Map Collective.

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