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Week 12: Witch, Please

It's snowing in Sweden, again. I wish we could move on and just get spring at this point to be honest, but here we are. I’ve been struggling with uni a little bit cause we’re beginning work on an empirical essay within linguistics in English, which really isn’t my cup of tea. Basically, I’m just trying to survive and enjoy the small things.

Something that went well

I decided on a topic for my linguistics essay. I’m going to analyse how and why the meaning of the word “witch” has changed over time. It took a lot of effort to think of a topic that was relevant and that would be bearable for me to research, but my topic got approved so now I only have to figure out how the heck I’m going to go about it.

I’m grateful for

The viking community I’m part of at Storholmen Viking Village. It’s such a great group of supportive and knowledgable people and I love being part of them.

I learnt

Loads about herbs for food, medicine and magic during the viking period in Sweden. Did you know theres a subject called archaeobiology? It’s a mix of archeology and biology and specifically studies the biology of historical time periods!

A good memory

I went to a sewing meet up with the viking community and worked on my wool dress. This is were I got help with my dress and listened to the lecture about herbs.

Looking forward to next week

I’m getting further through my cold read of Visions of Ravens. It’s hard, but needs to be done. I’m looking forward to getting further with it though. I’m getting loads of ideas and think this new draft will be much improved. I’m hoping to get to chapter 20 by the end of next week.

Weekly recommendation (book)

I just finished the audiobook of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and so it’s only suitable that I should recommend it.

Weekly movement

Two weeks left of my gym programme. Loving this routine, but low key looking forward to trying a new routine with new goals.

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