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TWV Episode 7 - Fantasy Writers are Quite Prolific

We’ve been gone for a while so we’ve decided to simply treat this episode as a bit of a catch up episode in terms of our writing, reading and goals. Everything, of course, is fantasy related.

Lizzie and Ven are trying not to fangirl too hard over Sanderson’s new release Tress and the Emerald Sea (we’re saving that for the next episode) while discussing topics such as never ending TBR piles, expensive books and new releases.

Ven continues the story of Anuhea…

Anuhea reached towards the first silver bell on the left and tugged the cord once. The bell let out a light clinking sound like that of fairies laughter. Her hand snatched quickly to the fifth bell, this one bronze and tugged three times on the rope. The heavy clapper clunked against the lip of the bell three times and then came to a stop. It moved slowly, as if Anuhea had pulled it through syrup rather than brisk mountain air. Her hand moved to the fourth one, the second silver bell, the size of her head and tugged once. The clapper danced around the sound bowl like heels on a marble floor. Before it had a chance to stop Anuhea reached for the second bronze one, furthest to the right, and using both hands pulled the rope towards her. This one was even heavier than the previous bronze bell. She managed one good tug and prayed it would be enough. The clank of metal on metal rumbled over the mountainside and Anuhea’s breath caught in her throat. But before she had a chance to doubt her decision she reached for the two gold bells, once with each hand. These were tiny, smaller than her fist, and whipped the two strings with all her might.

She expected a clear, tinkling sound, much like the first bell, but the clappers sounded dull as they slapped against the inside of the bell. Their sound did not echo off the mountain. They did not start swinging back and forth of their own accord to play a magical melody on their own. Nothing happened. They swung back and forth as the young sorceress dropped the strings, the clappers hardly making any sound at all. Her heart clapped louder than the bells. Anuhea’s fingers itched for the parchment she’d found in the Citadel’s library with the instructions, but she had memorised the pattern and left the scroll behind. What had she done wrong?

Anuhea glanced over her shoulder. The clouds had parted enough for the full moon to shine across the pathway she had sprinted up. If only the sun would rise. Then the Wiladash might give up its pursuit. But until then, sorceress blood, buzzing with full moon energy would be the only thing on its mind. The creature was somewhere beyond that ledge.

Anuhea glanced back at the door. It remained shut. She must have rung one of the bells in the wrong way. With too much or too little force. Or in the wrong order. Anuhea bit back a sob. The pathway up to the temple door was the only road up here. There was nowhere to go but the cliff she had climbed up, and down there was the Wiladash. She refused to go to it willingly. The sorceress pressed her knuckles to her lips and breathed heavily. She turned her back on the bells and slid down the door so she sat with her back against the rough wooden surface, and closed her eyes. The moon shone with its silver glow on her face. She decided to await the Wiladash here and pray that the sun would rise before it reached her.

But before she had a chance to draw a last exhausted breath, the wood creaked behind her and gave way.

This Week's Recommendations:

Ven recommends Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao.

Lizzie recommends Boycott by Colin. C. Murphy

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