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TWV Episode 3 - Medeltidsveckan: Safe-for-work mushrooms

Welcome to Episode 3! We’re so excited that you’re still listening to us blabbering on about random writing/reading/viking/history stuff - Thank you!

Lizzie and Ven went to Gotland this summer to attend Medeltidsveckan (Medieval week) in Visby. We had such an amazing time that we thought we’d tell you about it.

So in this episode we’re discussing everything from cosplay to historical reenactment to roleplaying games. We dive into fascinating facts about fashion, food and folklore (love some spontaneous use of alliteration) and touch a bit on the topic of elves and fae while trying not to talk about Rings of Power (we’ll get to that another time).

Oh! And we introduce our NaNoWriMo projects which (we think) are super exciting.

Last episode Lizzie surprised Ven with some of her own writing, which Ven was meant to continue writing on, but she has failed to deliver and promises to share her continuation in the next episode.

Correction: Vendela mentioned the podcast Bland Tomtar och Troll, which does in fact, not exist. She meant När Man Talar Om Trollen by Oknytt which is a super informative podcast about folklore, but unfortunately only available in Swedish. Bland Tomtar och Troll is an old collection/anthology of Swedish fairytales which you can read more about here.

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