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TWV Episode 5 - NaNoWriMo: Badges, Plotting and Self-Care

This episode is a bit more writing related! Having just accomplished the NaNoWriMo challenge of 50 000 words in November (National Novel Writing Month) we couldn’t help but talk about our experiences.

We’re talking stress and competition, self-care, and rewards. We spend a few minutes talking about plotting and planning and Lizzie shares her obsession with NaNoWriMo badges.

The specific post about NOT doing NaNoWriMo was shared by @kntuckerwrites over on Instagram and can be found here.

Lizzie continues the story of Anuhea…

A long, dark crevice cut cleanly through the cliff face before her. Crystal torches glowing a pale blue light dotted the ice-covered walls. Anuhea’s heart leapt. She had made it. Ignoring the groans of her aching legs, she launched herself forward… only to find herself suddenly yanked backward by her shoulder straps toward the mountain’s edge. Flecks of hot spittle from the Wiladash’s putrid breath showered her face. Running on pure instinct, she whirled around to free herself from the straps of her pack and pummeled a kick into the oiled fabric just hard enough to send the beast tumbling over the icy ledge. She prayed the wind was too strong for it to use its wings.

No time to lose, Anuhea sprinted up the passageway, feet slipping on the frozen ground. A sharp shriek behind her told her that her prayers had gone unanswered. Carved into the mountainside at the other end of the path, was a stone door. Skidding up to it, she eyed the three bells of bronze, copper and silver hung on either side of the doorway. Six in total. Rung in the correct pattern and the door would open to her. Rung incorrectly, and it would remain closed to her forever, leaving her alone with the Wiladash. Anuhea’s mind whirled as she tried to remember the wise woman’s words.

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