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I’ll be volunteering at The Stockholm Writers Festival 2022

I have some exciting news. I am attending The Stockholm Writers Festival 2022, but not as a guest or speaker. I’m going to volunteer! Basically, I’ll be there behind the scenes.

I would have loved attending as a guest and learn from all the amazing panels and workshops, but I think this will be an incredible opportunity to learn about everything else surrounding the festival and the writer community in Sweden. I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity.

I want to take the opportunity to encourage you to check out the festival. It’s their fifth anniversary and the schedule looks amazing, featuring workshops on fantasy, editing, back story and the use of social media. The lineup looks so exciting as well. I realise it might be a bit out of your way to go all the way to Sweden, but if you ever plan a trip to the north of Europe, keep this in mind for the future!

You can find out more about the festival here and book tickets here.

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