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Say 'Hi!' to Project Codex!

An official post stating I'm working on a new project. And no, it's not a secret. My godmother asked my mum if I was writing on something new and for some reason she didn't know if she was allowed to say that I was or if I was keeping it secret.

I guess it’s time for a formal introduction. I mentioned over on Instagram that I’d started working on a new project, but the last thing I posted on here was that I finished Visions of Ravens. (Well no, I did mention that I was doing NaNoWriMo. I guess I should have posted this first.)

An Instagram post is not really fair for my new WIP and it deserves the spotlight. I hereby formally announce to you that I’m working on a new WIP: Project Codex.

It’s strange that I associate the abbreviation WIP with Visions of Ravens, even now when I’ve finished it. I suppose it will be a WIP until it’s properly published, but still. Project Codex is my current WIP, and yet I don’t really think of it as a WIP at the moment.

I started working on Project Codex back in September (I think I got the idea back in May or June) and started writing two weeks ago for NaNoWriMo 2022. I’m planning on drafting the first half for NaNo and then continuing in the New Year after a bit of research regarding the midpoint.

Some fun facts about Project Codex:

  • It does not have a name yet. It’s literally called Project Codex in my head.

  • It’s adult fantasy, so yes, there will be smut.

  • It’s historical fantasy and takes place at the Swedish Royal court.

  • It has a much stricter magic system than Visions of Ravens.

  • It has five points of views told from third person.

So far, as I type my 1667 words a day, I’m loving this story. I love getting to know my characters and I just love where this story is going. I cannot wait to keep writing!

As I finish this post I realise that I did announce this project in my September goals post, but still, it deserved its own post.

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