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I finished my WIP

My book is basically done, and it feels so good. Over the spring I’ve done some serious revisions and red pen edits. Last weekend I finally finished transferring those handwritten edits onto my scrivener document. Which basically means that the book is done… almost.

I still have a proofread to do, which I’m 24 chapters into. I’m aiming to get it done next week. Thanks to ProWritingAid (no, I’m not sponsored) I’m spotting all these simple errors (but that’s for another post) that you become blind to after five drafts.

It has reached the point where I can no longer improve this story on my own. And to be honest, even with beta readers (I’ve got some booked in for the autumn) I don’t think I can change too much of the plot. All the plot holes are filled, all the character arcs are completed (or will be in following books), all the ends are tied. Every single chapter has a purpose and simply cannot be cut. Not a single chapter could be added at this point, without frankly, being redundant. I think all the questions in the plot are answered and I don’t know if I can add anything.

So the story is set. This is what it is. Now of course, I am doing a proofread because mistakes always slip through the gaps. And I am doing some beta reading because I have a lovely group who’s offered. But really, part of me wonders why I can’t just start querying after this final read. What am I waiting for?

The answer is that I’m terrified that it’s not ready. That people will turn around and say that it needs loads of work. I don’t know what I’ll do then. I’ve worked on this book for three years. As much as I love it, I’m tired.

On a good (and slightly terrifying) note, I finally gave it to my parents to read. Warning them that there will be spelling errors, and that they would have to ignore them for the moment, I exported the fifth draft as an epub and sent it to them. And they’re actually reading it. And they’re not hating it. In fact, my mum calls me every day to tell me what she thinks, and she’s hooked!

Now, I’m not turning around and saying I’ve written an amazing book, but it feels good with the confidence boost! At least, it’s seems to be an enjoyable book and they’re not bored. Bored readers are probably one of my biggest fears at this point. Cause I don’t know how to make it any more exciting than it already is.

Now that I’ve shared this with you, I’m going to get back to proofreading so I can finally call this book done!

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