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Week 17: Tress of the Emerald Sea

Something that went well

I handed in my Linguistics essay on the semantic shift of “witch”. This has been dragging, so I’m happy to get it out of the way.

I’m grateful for

Alva at Storholmen Viking Village. She's in charge of the volunteer wardrobe at the village and offered to lend me some viking garments for the Shanghai Immortal Book Release Party so I don't have to stress out about trying to finish sewing my viking dress for that.

I learnt

That @flourishediting on Instagram are going to blog about world building on their website, which I’m intrigued to look at since I’ve been planning some world building posts as well. They’ve been written and scheduled so check into the blog in the coming weeks to find them.

A good memory

I went and watched my sister display her personal project at her school fair. I also had a fantasy movie night with Lizzie and Jasmin where we worked on our viking garments, went to a viking market in Stockholm (which was actually really disappointing) and went to Storholmen Viking village to spring clean and a Valborg/Blot.

Looking forward to next week

Getting further along on my edits/revisions. It’s going well, and I’m actually enjoying the process, even if it’s giving me a head ache. But I want to finish this so I can move on, so I will be trudging along.

Weekly recommendation (book)

Tress of the Emerald Sea! My god has it been a good read. Look out for a review and a future podcast episode on The Writing Vikings!

Weekly movement

I’ve started a new program with a perfect mix of cardio and strength work that I’m really enjoying at the moment. It allows me to take loads of walks which I’m really into due to the spring weather.

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