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Week 16: Creative Energy

Something that went well

I started my revision edits on Visions of Ravens. This is draft 8. It’s a mental battle every time to sit down and get to it. Every time I open a new chapter to edit I want to cry because the process is hard, but I can already tell it’s getting better and I’ve started which is important.

I’m grateful for

There has been a lot of expenses lately so I literally did not have enough money to go to the Sci-Fi Bookstore to purchase Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson (his latest release) until payday. I was with Lizzie when she purchased it for herself and less than a week later she came back and said it was fantastic and we need to make a podcast episode about it. She was so adamant I read it that she purchased it for me until I can pay her back. Which is just the most wonderful thing to do. I’ve already started reading it and I’m hooked.

I learnt

I’ve been re-watching Brandon Sanderson’s BYU lectures about writing recently. I returned from Malta with loads of creative energy and inspiration to create and write and read. I haven’t learnt anything specific that I can point out, but I’ve been absorbing loads of things about fantasy and writing.

A good memory

Saturday 22nd was Kulturnatten in Stockholm (Culture Night). Lizzie, Jasmin and I went to the Sci-Fi Bookstore to watch a lecture about character design which was super interesting.

My uni friends and I at sushi on a mountain overlooking Stockholm in the spring sun on Friday and then watched a Bob Ross video and attempted to paint landscape art with his guidance. It was a frustrating and fun at the same time.

Looking forward to next week

Lizzie and I are recording a new podca

st of The Writing Vikings. We’ve taken an involuntary hiatus due to life getting in the way the last few months, but we’ve not stopped talking about it and finally got around to booking a day this week that we can record on. Episode 6 is coming your way soon.

Weekly recommendation (book)

Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao. Alice is my dear friend and critique partner. I met her at Faber Academy in 2020. Her fantasy Shanghai Immortal is released 1 June 2023 from Hodderscape and I’ve had the honour to read an early copy and it’s absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait until the rest of the world gets the pleasure of reading this.

Weekly movement

I went on my first outdoor run with my partner and it was so much fun to get out and move in the sun. I’ve been craving a run for a while and with the amazing spring weather we had this week it was impossible not to go out for a run.

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