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Week 14: Fuelled by Coffee

The Easter holidays are just around the corner so I've been trying to work ahead on a bit of school work and finishing up the cold read and notes for Visions of Ravens so that I can have a relatively calm holiday without stress (last time I was on Malta I had to do four online exams and it was awful).

Something that went well

I finished my cold read and chapter notes of Visions of Ravens. Now I can take all those notes, based on beta feedback, and type them up to make a plan of action.

I’m grateful for

Lizzie. Goodness gracious what would I do without your brain and your incredible feedback and willingness to brainstorm with me. And Vendy, for pointing out something very useful regarding villains during one of our writing zooms, that might have actually solved my problem.

I learnt

That the word witch is used as an adjective or modifier nowadays for words like Witch King, Witch Elf and Witch Doctor, which was an interesting discovery when analysing my corpus data for my empirical study on the semantic shift of the word “witch”.

A good memory

I helped my friend Maya (Monkeys with Internet) with the recording of a music video, which was super fun! I cannot wait to see the turn out.

Looking forward to next week

Malta! That is it. And the sun that comes with it.

Weekly recommendation (podcast)

The Rebel Author Podcast by Sacha Black. I’m particularly enjoying episode 001 - The Indie Author Mindset with Adam Croft.

Weekly movement

Started my new workout programme using the OWNU app, which I love. I’m surprised by how much I can lift compared to a few weeks ago!

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