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Week 13: April is around the corner

Snow is still lining the streets in Stockholm and I can’t wait to just get some sun ☀️

Something that went well

I reached my weekly goal of getting to chapter 20 on my read through of Visions of Ravens. I want to finish reading it before Easter so I can make my revision plan while I’m on Malta. I’m not as far ahead as I would have wanted, but I’m further ahead than I planned.

I’m grateful for

I met up with some university friends and had a wine and cheese night and it was so lovely. We spoke about family relationships and mental health and played some games. It was nice to just have some deep down to earth conversation with the girls. I’m incredibly grateful to have this lovely group of girls that I can talk to and be really open with.

I learnt

How to use Later for Instagram, which was very interesting and eye-opening. I’m using it as part of creating social media content for an event (not my own personal account, but I wish I was).

A good memory

I met up with my old collegues for dinner and it was so incredibly nice to see them all again. I’ve not seen them since before Christmas. The food was good and the company was even better.

Looking forward to next week

I’m going to Malta next Sunday and I cannot wait for the warm weather and change of location. I still need to study through my “holiday” as I’m not officially off school, but I very much look forward to going away for a while.

Weekly recommendation (book)

I’m re-listening to Northern Lights by Philip Pullman and I’m so hooked. It’s very well narrated and I forgot just what a captivating story it is. Highly recommend the audiobook version.

Weekly movement

I’m finishing the workout programme that I’ve been following for the last 12 weeks and it feels so good. I’m absolutely loving the gym and also cannot wait to start this new 8-week programme that I’ve been looking forward to.

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