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Week 10: We're Trying Something New

I’ve lately been inspired by a lot of fitness. I’ve been going to the gym routinely for the last year, but the last few months I’ve really found joy and excitement about going to the job. Writing, reading and sewing are very static hobbies that involves a lot of sitting down. Not to mention the fact that I study and thereby sit down a lot. Before I studied I worked at a pre-school and spent most of my days on my feet, but no more. And I’ve noticed that going to the gym gives me a new kind of joy and energy.

Naturally, when this happens, my instagram is filled with more fitness profiles. I try to allow for a variety of body positivity on my feed and love to get a dose of motivation. One profile that I’ve loved recently is @alexandrapizzoni , a Swedish fitness profile. She also blogs for the fitness magazine MåBra.

On there she has a weekly post called Veckan’s Poäng (the point/win of the week) where she gathers short plans or captures memories in a sentence or two under different topics. These can be weekly movement, weekly to do, weekly aboow, weekly flavour, weekly hopes etc. I love this!

Alexandra writes her posts in the beginning of the week looking ahead. But I already do that with my monthly goals. Instead I want these to look back as a weekly reminder of gratitude and happiness. Short and sweet and hopefully a source of motivation and encouragement to find progress in the small things! These don’t necessarily have to be writing related, but will be a snapshot from my everyday life.

Something that went well

I managed to prepare pack lunch every day this week, which is such an achievement. Apart from the occasional coffee I didn’t have to spend any money on sporadic food or last minute snacks which is one of my goals this year in order to save money and stay healthy.

I’m grateful for

Finally attending a meeting with a psychologist/therapist and the fact that I got to meet with someone who I felt really understood my struggles. The plan we set up feels doable and good for me.

I learnt

Gulliver’s Travels is not one book. It’s a collection of four novels, and it’s long.

A good memory

Farmor and farfar (paternal grandparents) came over for birthday lunch and we had Goulash and Princess Cake. Grandpa turned 78!

Looking forward to next week

Dennis and I are attending a show called Kulturbärarna on Tuesday. No idea what it’s about.

Weekly recommendation (book)

I’ve been recommended The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown, by my therapist, which I think I might check out. I think I might choose to listen to it rather than read it.

Weekly movement

Started the third and final phase of my 12 week gym programme. My sister is also joining me at the gym which is incredibly fun! Dennis also joined us on Saturday which was fun ❤️

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