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TWV Episode 4 - Rings of Power: A L'Oréal commercial?

If you haven’t watched Rings of Power yet, this episode might not be for you. Or it might, if you want to hear us rant and gush over the new LOTR TV series.

We don’t even cover everything there is to discuss about the series, but we discuss quite a lot of fun things and we hope it makes you laugh. We’d love to hear your opinions on the series. Feel free to let us know on any of our socials!

On the topic of Isildur, we found an interesting YouTube video by Nerd of the Rings that you might like!

Ven also delivers on her promise to continue on Lizzie’s story that she presented in Episode 2. You can listen to it here, watch it here and read it on Ven’s website.

The sound of the creature’s high pitched shriek pierced Anuhea’s ears. She couldn’t help herself, but glanced down to the Wildadash below. It snapped it’s jaws together and snarled at her, it’s nostrils flaring. Strings of saliva flew from the creature’s mouth and settled on Anuhea’s heels. Teeth, sharp as knives, lined its purple, slimy lips.

Anuhea quenched a scream and looked back towards her upwards path. It could not be further than a few feet left.

She let go of the ledge and reached up for another. Her fingers skimmed over loose pebbles and gravel before they found another protrusion in the mountainside. Desperately, she grabbed hold of the ledge, finding a grip and pulled herself up once more. Her left foot brushed the rock surface, searching for a foothold. There! She heaved herself up before she heard the Wildadash snap it’s jaws at her heels.

If only she could get to the temple. If she made it to the temple in time, she would be safe.

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