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I've started a podcast with Elizabeth Carlyon

I have some exciting news to share. Lizzie and I have started a podcast! It was super random and a little impulsive. I've always liked the idea of a podcast (I do love to talk), but with so many podcasts out there and no one to start one with, I've never really entertained the thought.

Then Lizzie mentioned in our morning writing sessions on Zoom that she always wanted to do one but didn't have one to do it with. The other members said we should team up and do one together, and I went ahead and said that I was totally up for it. I was, but not knowing if Lizzie was genuine about it I didn't bring it up again.

But she was! About a week later we met at Storholmen and asked if I actually wanted to do it and if so, when we should schedule in a time to record our first episode! A week after that we sat over Zoom and recorded the first episode (which is live on Spotify and YouTube) and then we had to figure everything else out. Logo, theme tune, how to upload it all etc.

But now it's live! It's surreal to see the first episode out there for everyone to listen to. And so incredibly exciting!

Now I bet you're wondering what the hell we actually talk about on this podcast. Literally anything... That is related to our shared interests in some way. The super cringy (but also very accurate title) The Writing Vikings gives a lot away. We're fantasy writers and share our writing journey on the podcast. Which inevitably also means we share a lot of books and films/tv series as well. But we're also history and viking nerds, obviously. We take part in a group of Viking reenactors on Storholmen. So basically, the podcast is about anything fantasy, writing, history, historical crafts or viking related. Lizzie and I always have super interesting conversations. At least I hope so, so I hope you find it at least a little bit entertaining.

And here is the thing. We're figuring out things as we go. We've never done this before. It's all very exciting and new so bare with us as we figure out the details. In the meanwhile. Why don't you go ahead and give the first episode a listen, either on Spotify or YouTube!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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