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September Goals

How are we feeling about this month?

I could not be more excited to get into this part of the year! I love the autumn and the reset and the new season makes me want to be super productive and set new goals. I want to get the new routines in and jot down all my to-dos in my BuJo. Life is exciting!

What are 3 things I could do to move me further to my goal?

  1. Proofread Visions if Ravens

  2. Export Visions of Ravens to a complete and correct manuscript.

  3. World build for Project: Codex

Any potential obstacles/problems?

  • I’m unsure how to compile and export a manuscript in Scrivener with the correct settings.

Any potential external obstacles?

  • I am starting a new job which means I have over a week of training and I don’t know what my work schedule will look like. This means I don't know if I'll be able to attend vbtc with Stockholm Writer's Network every morning like I did during the spring.

What am I looking forward to?

  • I am so excited to finally finish Visions of Ravens and call it done.

  • I am so prepared to start a new project on a blank page and do it differently than I did it last time. Now that I know everything I didn't know when I started Visions of Ravens, I feel like this project could go right in so many ways. In other words, I hope I've learnt from my mistakes.


Week 35

  • Proof read Visions of Ravens with ProWritingAid

Week 36

  • Finish proofread of Visions of Ravens

  • Make character profile for Project: Codex main character (world building)

  • Plan episode 3 and 4 of The Writing Vikings Podcast with Lizzie Carlyon

Week 37

  • Format and export Visions of Ravens manuscript

  • Make Project: Codex magic system profile (world building)

  • Make Project: Codex city profiles (world building)

Week 38

  • Prep beta reader questions for Visions of Ravens

  • Write October newsletter

Week 39

  • World build for Project: Codex

  • (Leaving this week a little open since I have a feeling I'll fall behind)

Throughout the month:

Read Wonderbook’s chapter on world building in order to prepare and get inspiration for the world building of Project: Codex.

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