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Revisions never end!

I’m starting another round of revisions this week. Goodness gracious. I’m exhilarated and excited, while at the same time nervous and apprehensive.

I’ve done three rounds of major revisions now I think (including a complete rewrite). A total of seven drafts. I’m now going to open up a new document and call it “draft 8”. It’s terrifying.

I do think this will be the final big round of revisions for me before I begin to query. The beta feedback has been super useful, but once I’ve made the changes based on the beta feedback, I really don’t know what else to do to improve it. I suppose I could do another round of beta readers, but at what point do you decide to not have any more beta rounds? Also, I’m running out of beta readers 😬

I do think this round of revisions will make a big difference and prepare me to query and hopefully I’ll be ready for querying by September (I said that last year too, but it didn’t happen).

A round of revisions for me is about three drafts, I’ve discovered. It’s one round of big edits in terms of plot, character and setting. Then I do a prose pass or prose edit, where I try to cut down words (I’m over 100k at the moment) and sharpen the language. And then a proof read in ProWriting Aid.

I guess that means I’ll be on draft 10 by the time I query 🤯 I feel lightheaded just thinking about that, lol. I guess it’s time to dive into it. Wish me luck!


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