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Revisions for VoR are done!

Finally! I’ve worked on this for little over four months now, since the end of January, and it is so rewarding to have finally reached this milestone.

I have cut scenes, passages and whole chapters. I’ve written new chapters and scenes, changed names of characters, cut out relationships for the sake of the plot. It’s been a journey, both painful and rewarding. I’ve read some awful passages that have made me cringe and want to throw the whole thing in the bin, but I have also read some sections that made me shiver (in a good way) and made me quite impressed by my own story telling.

Throughout the whole process I have felt that for each revised chapter I’ve completed I’ve taken one step closer to the finishing line. Not every chapter has been fun to revise, but I after completing each chapter I could tell that the story was coming together. I solved plot holes and saw the puzzle pieces suddenly fit together snuggly and comfortably, instead of trying to force them to fit together.

This whole revision process has been possible thanks to the Stockholm Writers Network. Every morning at eight Catherine Pettersson opens up Zoom for something we call “Virtual Butt To Chair” where we simply write on our WIPs with cameras and microphones off. We check in after an hour and if we want to keep going for another hour we do. I can’t attend every morning due to work, but if the Zoom link hadn’t been there to click on the mornings when I was available then I never would have made any progress. Before I joined the VBTC Zoom calls my book had been put on hold for over half a year. I knew I had to revise it, but life took over and I had no way of prioritising it. These zoom meetings have helped me schedule my writing and this completed draft of revisions is proof that accountability partners do work!

Wednesday, 25th May, was followed by a bank holiday in Sweden so I drove out to the countryside and decided not to look at my finished draft. I still joined the VBTC calls and started brainstorming on a new WIP (which was totally handed to me on a silver platter by Catherine), I knitted, I ate ice cream and watched ice hockey. I tried not even to think of my WIP.

Today, Monday 30th May, I printed out the first act of draft 4, got myself a red pen and started reading. It is so refreshing to read the draft on paper. Suddenly I can see everything so clearly, I don’t zone out and I can make my comments in the margins. I am looking forward to this stage in the process. I’m looking forward to turning the words over and seeing how else they can improve my story. I’m looking forward to adding those small details that make the story truly special and magical. I look forward to finishing my book!

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