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Quarterly reset - Q1 2023

The first three months of 2023 are already gone. I feel a slight sense of panic, while a the same time being desperate for spring.

The PowerSheets encourage you to do a Quarterly Refresh so I thought I’d share mine with you regarding my writing goals.

Cultivated Life Evaluation


I love the Stockholm Writers Network and I’ve actively gone to the meet ups. My real life physical socialising in terms of writing friends is amazing. When it comes to my social media however, I’ve just lost it. I haven’t engaged and I haven’t posted. Thing is I have loads to post about and pictures to share, but I find it hard to find the time to press the ‘post’ button. I’m hoping to maybe post once a week the coming months.

Fun and Recreation (sewing)

I’m including this here cause it’s creative. I’ve been at two meet ups with the viking village to sew on my dress which is progressing nicely. Not as fast as I’d like, but we’re getting there and I think I might finish in time.

Work and Learning (writing)

Visions of Ravens

My studies took over for most of January and I found it hard to make time for writing at all. This last month I’ve managed to go through all of the beta feedback and I’ve been reading 72% of Visions of Ravens and made notes on potential changes based on beta feedback so this this progressing as well.

Project Codex

We’re at a stand still. I must not forget that I actually went to Prague in January and researched for this book and took notes and got ideas so I haven’t completely let it go, but I’ve definitely priorities Visions of Ravens over this because I feel the need to actually finish a book so I can start querying.

Keep moving forward

Where have I seen the most growth?

  • Visions of Ravens - slower than I anticipated, but still making obvious progress and have a clear plan of action

Which goals need more nourishment?

  • Project Codex - which is hard because I only have so much time and it’s hard to work on two books at the same time.

  • Engaging on Social Media - mostly because I think it’s fun and I like keeping up with people.

  • The Writing Vikings Podcast - Lizzie and I have really struggled to find time to record the next episode (did I mention that uni has been demanding, and we both study), but it will happen. We’ve not given up on our podcast.

  • Sewing my dress - I said it’s going well, but I need to sit down more often and get some stitches done while I watch Netflix in the evenings or something. I think I will finish on time, but I’m worried that I’ll get stressed.

What I’m saying no to this season:

  • Aimless scrolling through social media - reels are a whole new level of rabbit holing and I don’t like it.

  • Booking up events every weekend - I don’t know how it happens, but every weekend is booked which doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to recover.

  • Buying books - there was the annual book sale in Sweden in February and some highly anticipated reads were on sale so I couldn’t help myself but I need to start taking control over my spending.

What I’m saying yes to this season:

  • Engaging on social media - this is the positive way to use social media and much more fulfilling for me.

  • Focus on vbtc (daily writing zoom) - my focus has been a bit off and I end up doing other stuff during my sacred writing time which is almost disrespectful towards myself.

My refreshed goals


  • 1 Instagram post per week

  • Weekly spotlight blogpost (started these in March and quite enjoying them)

  • Monthly goals blog post

  • Newsletter

Fun and Recreation (sewing)

  • Finish viking wool dress by 30th April (next sewing meet up with viking village)

  • Set up tablet weave on 30th April

  • Finish tablet weave by 14th May

  • Find accessories at viking market on 29th April

  • Finish viking goddess outfit by 21st May

  • Finish viking linen dress by July

  • Storholmen viking village volunteering week 30 in July

Work and Learning (writing)

Visions of Ravens

  • Finish cold read and taking notes on changes (based on beta feedback) by April 8th (Easter)

  • Type up plan of action for revisions during Easter holidays

  • Work on revisions over summer until August

  • Proofread during August

  • Prepare querying for the Autumn

  • Wondering if I can fit in another round of beta readers over August(?)

  • Plot out the rest of series by the end of the year

  • Read the Poetic Edda

Project Codex

  • Plot the rest of the book over August/September

  • Finish draft 1 by the end of NaNoWriMo 2023

  • Read the book on Queen Christina


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