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March Goals

How are we feeling about this month?

This month we are crushing it! I feel pumped to keep going on my story. Having said that, I’m also nervous. The solid writing schedule I established during February is now threatened by my work schedule. It makes me nervous that my writing will suffer, but also that I will be exhausted and forget to take care of myself.

What are 3 things I could do to move me further to my goal?

  1. Write the remaining scenes. This month I have to finish writing draft of the new scenes.

  2. Do the major edits on certain scenes. I have scenes that don’t need rewriting, but just heavy editing. I have 21 scenes like this, that need macro level editing and reworking. Trying to do all of them is ambitious, but we don’t get anywhere without being ambitious so I’m setting myself that goal. It’s one scene per day at the most.

  3. Dig deep down with Saga. Saga needs some additional work to pin down some aspects of her character. I’m waiting on a book on improving characters that’s in the post so hopefully that will help me on the journey.

Any potential obstacles/problems?

  • The scene I’m struggling with right now is hard because it takes place in a forge and I feel like I don’t know my way around a forge. So research issues are definitely going to come up. There are several scenes I know need a bit of research before I can tackle them and this may slow down the process.

  • I’m struggling a bit with my characterisation of Saga. I’ve set it as a goal to figure it out, but I think I might get a bit stuck.

Any potential external obstacles?

  • I mentioned this a lot in my February reflection, but I’m returning to work this week (and I’ve got a course deadline and an exam) so I’m starting off March with a packed week and might struggle to get any writing done at all.

  • My work clashes with my morning sessions on zoom with the Stockholm Writers’ Network which means I’m missing out on my accountability partners. I hope I’m still able to fit in writing without their support.

What am I looking forward to?

  • I’m looking forward to getting the new scenes written and having a full story I can keep improving.

  • There’s a certain beat after the midpoint which I’m looking forward to tackling. It already felt quite good in draft 3 and I enjoyed reading it, but I think it can be even better.


Week 9

Write the remaining scenes. Chapter 5, chapter 13, chapter 18 and chapter 26.

Week 10

Do major edits on five scenes after introduction to B-world, Fun and Games.

Week 11

Do major edits on five scenes after the Midpoint, Stakes are Raised.

Week 12

Do major edits on five scenes in Gathering the Team.

Week 13

Do major edits on four scenes in the finale and two in Act One.

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