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Interview with Meghan Monarch

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

As part of #writingcommunitychallenge on Instagram we were asked to find a writing partner. When I realised that the writing partner I'd picked was actually not part of the challenge and someone I already knew (ops!) I went on a scavenge for a new one.

Meet Meghan from @meghan_read_and_writes

You might have seen the teaser for the interview on my Instagram, but here is the full thing. Enjoy!

First of all, tell us, very briefly about your WIP

My WIP is a New Adult Speculative Fiction (still working on specifics for which part of that broad genre lol) Romance. It's about a young woman named Tatum and her best friend, Jay. Jay is returning from a Comic Book Internship to find Tatum much different than before. She's nervous and secretive. In return, Tatum notices new things about Jay that he's not very forthcoming about. But there's more - there's a heated attraction between the both of them. We'll find out if they're willing to take a chance, or if their secrets will ruin everything...

(Ok, how cool is it that this guy has done a Comic Book Internship. I mean, how often does a character have such a specific job that’s also nerdy and cool.)

How did this story come to you?

This story actually came to me after I read "Made of Steel" by Ivy Smoak. Something about the story brought Tatum and Jay's story right to the front of my mind.

(You can find Made of Steel by Ivy Smoak on Amazon here.)

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspo all around me. Sometimes, it's from a movie I've seen, or a book I've read. Other times, it's just from my imagination, hearing a story, or seeing a picture.

(As creatives it’s so hard to not be inspired by everything we see constantly, am I right?)

Are you planning to trad publish or indie publish

I’m undecided about which publishing route I'd like to take right now, but I'm interested in going hybrid! So far, I plan to shoot my shot with traditional for my current WIP!

(Hybrid is my dream as well. The best of the two!)

Who’s your author role model (within your genre)?

Ooo. Good question! Hm... With my current WIP, I'd have to say Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire, and Adriana Locke. I love their twists on romance, dialogue, and of course - the banter LOL!

(Check out Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire and Adriana Locke on their websites.)

What’s a comp title to your WIP?

Well, for sure "Made of Steel" by Ivy Smoak since that's where my inspo came from. Highly recommend that series if you're into steamy romance with a thriller twist!

(Add the series to your ‘to read’ list on Goodreads.)

What would your ideal author life look like, in say 20 years?

My ideal author life would hopefully have me being a full time writer. I hope to have a lot of books under my belt by then, and traveling the world while I write :)

(Oh, the dream. Traveling and writing. Can you imagine?)

What’s your time frame on this book? When do you reckon to be finished?

Right now, my WIP is being finished by my two CPs. After they're done, I hope to do one to two more rounds of self-revisions. Then, it will be off to Beta Readers. My goal is to have everything finalized by January 1st of 2021 so I can start querying :)

(Keep in the loop by following Meghan on Instagram.)

Are we talking a potential series and if so how long?

I would LOVE to make Project BSOB into a trilogy - with the first book from Jay's POV later on ;) We shall see! I love a good series!

(I’m a sucker for series, especially when we introduce new Point of Views.)

Finally, if you could describe your WIP in three words what would they be?

Oooo! Another good one... Let me think. Um... Bittersweet, steamy, and surprising!

(Exactly what we want in a Romance!)

Be sure to follow Meghan on Instagram @meghan_reads_and_writes to keep up to date with her writing process.

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