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April 2023 Goals

How are we feeling about this month?

  • I am surprisingly calm! I feel like I actually have control over this module at uni (which is in itself almost suspicious) and find myself having more time for writing.

  • I’m excited for Easter and our family trip to Malta.

What are 3 things I could do to move me further to my goal?

  1. Finish the cold read of Visions of Ravens and the notes I’ve done per chapter of things to change in the coming round of revisions (before Sunday 9th April)

  2. Type up my revision notes and plan of action (before Sunday 16th April)

  3. Finish sewing the viking dress in wool (before Friday 28th April)

Any potential obstacles/problems?

  • There are certain chapters that I don’t really know how to improve so I need to brainstorm with Lizzie and Jasmin, but Jasmin is on holiday at the moment so I won’t see her until after Easter

Any potential external obstacles?

  • I will be on Malta for a week, which is actually a good and lovely thing, but it also takes me out of my routines and can just lead to me not getting anything done at all.

  • Despite feeling calm about this module I do have a deadline on Monday 1st May, which I really cannot leave till the last minute. Procrastination is not allowed.

What am I looking forward to?

  • Not reading Visions of Ravens anymore. It sounds silly, but I’m a bit tired of reading the same book over and over again. I want to write and improve, not read and be constantly reminded of my pitfalls.

  • Finalising plan of action for Visions of Ravens revisions. I want to complete a part of the process.

  • Starting the revisions. I’ve been working towards this for a while now. Getting through the beta feedback was daunting and mentally as well as emotionally exhausting. I think actually beginning the rewrites will make me more excited because the feeling of improving something is amazing.


Week 14

  • finish cold read and notes of Visions of Ravens

  • brainstorm with Lizzie about potential plot/character issues

  • sew arms on viking dress

  • uni - analyse data

  • uni - finish draft of essay

Week 15 (Malta)

  • type up plan of action for revisions

  • draft a newsletter

  • finish Viking dress if I decide to bring it to Malta

Week 16

  • uni - edit my essay

  • send out Newsletter (20th April is the preliminary date)

Week 17

  • finish Viking dress if I didn’t bring it to Malta

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