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3 Viking inspired fantasy books on my TBR, part 2

A few weeks ago I posted part 1 to this blog post. You can read it here. And I promised there would be a part 2. So here are another three viking inspired fantasy books I would like to read.

This actually appears to be an anthology from several authors. It features stories of lesser known goddesses in Norse Mythology which is always intriguing. Odin, Thor and Loki get so much attention in Norse Mythology and in all the remakes that it's about time some light got to shine on these ladies. Genevieve Gornichec behind The Witch’s Heart has contributed to it as well.

This is a series consisting of The Sea of Trolls, The Land of Silver Apples and Islands of the Blessed. I have the whole trilogy in a box set at home and have had it for the past three years. The covers are awesome and I’ve wanted to read these forever, but I’ve been putting it off. They also have quite a high rating so I really want to check them out. I have a feeling they’re more middle grade than YA, but I’m still intrigued. I wonder if the gods play an active role in these books or if the characters visit the different worlds of Yggdrasil. I do get that feeling, but I won't know until I open the first book.

This seems a little different because it seems to be about a mermaid and we don’t get a lot of mermaids in Norse mythology. It actually took me a while to realise that this might be a norse mythology retelling cause I didn't get that feeling at all from the title and the cover, but I'm glad it is. There needs to be more viking fantasy out there! The sequel is called The Navigator’s Touch. I don’t know if they’re two stand alones in the same universe like Adrienne Young’s Sky and Sea books, which also happen to be viking inspired fantasy, or if they're more like a duology.

I don’t have a part 3 planned for this as of yet. I do have a few books on my TBR that I feel like might be viking inspired, but it doesn’t explicitly say so and I don’t wish to claim that a book is something else. But I’m tempted to make a blog post of fantasy books on my TBR that give me viking vibes.

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