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Image by Liliya Lisa

Work in Progress

second draft

Before Saga was even born, her mother foretold a prophecy. Saga was to become a Seeress as powerful as Freya, the Goddess Völva herself. She is destined to become Queen of Scandinavia.

Eighteen years later, Saga experiences her first vision, and it turns all of the North upside down.

She is sent from Birka, the largest trading town in Scandinavia, to Uppsala, the capital of Sweden and the heart of Norse religion. Here she is expected to learn to control her visions and make sense of her glimpses of the future. However, they quickly spiral out of control, and soon King Harald becomes obsessed with what she sees.

With the help of the friends she makes along the way, Saga learns she is a daughter of Freya and her foretold queendom brings forth political tension that forges impossible choices between friends and family.

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